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NEET Exam Course Syllabus

Explore the Chapters and its Course videos according to the NEET Exam Syllabus.
This will help you to understand the course coverage so that you may streamline your preparation.
The Living World Animal Kingdom Some Basic Concepts Of ChemistryUnits and Measurement
Biological Classification Structural Organisation in Animals Structure of AtomMathematical Tools
Plant Kingdom Digestion and Absorption Classification of Elements and PeriodicityMotion in A Straight Line
Morphology of Flowering Plants Breathing and Exchange of Gases Chemical Bonding and Molecular StructureMotion in A Plane
Anatomy of Flowering Plants Body Fluids and Circulation States of MatterLaws of Motion
Cell - The unit of Life Excretory Products and their Elimination ThermodynamicsWork,Energy and Power
Biomolecules Locomotion and Movement EquilibriumSystems of Particles and Rotational Motion
Cell Cycle and Cell Division Neural Control and Coordination Redox ReactionsGravitation
Transport in Plants Chemical Coordination and Integration HydrogenMechanical Properties of Solids
Mineral Nutrition Reproduction in Organisms The s-Block ElementsMechanical Properties of Fluids
Photosynthesis in Higher Plants Human Reproduction The p-Block Elements (XI)Thermal Properties of Matter
Respiration in Plants Reproductive Health Organic Chemistry - Some Basic Principles And TechniquesThermodynamics
Plant Growth and Development Evolution HydrocarbonsKinetic Theory of Gases
Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants Human Health and Disease Environmental ChemistryOscillations
Principles of Inheritance & Variation Microbes in Human Welfare The Solid StateWaves
Molecular Basis of Inheritance SolutionsElectric Charges and Fields
Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production ElectrochemistryElectrostatic Potential and Capacitance
Biotechnology Principles and Processes Chemical KineticsCurrent Electricity
Biotechnology and its Application Surface ChemistryMoving Charges and Magnetism
Organisms and Populations General Principles and Processes of Isolation of ElementsMagnetism and Matter
Ecosystem The p-Block Elements (XII)Electromagnetic Induction
Biodiversity and Conservation The d and f Block ElementsAlternating Current
Environmental Issues Coordination CompoundsElectromagnetic Waves
Differentiations & Conversions - Organic ChemistryRay Optics and Optical Instruments
Reaction Mechanism - Organic ChemistryWave Optics
Haloalkanes and HaloarenesDual Nature of Radiation and Matter
Alcohols,Phenols and EthersAtoms
Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic AcidsNuclei
AminesSemiconductor Electronics
BiomoleculesCommunication Systems
Chemistry in Everyday Life

NEET Exam Course Modules

We have prepared special modules for focussed study of NEET 2020 Exam aspirants for their weak areas.
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2021Full Course Online Complete SyllabusRs. 47,000 + GST

NEETprep 2019 Results

Utkarsh Sharma

NEET 2019 Score - 681

State - Rajasthan

Tushar Aggarwal

NEET 2019 Score - 660

State - Delhi

Akash Chaudhary

NEET 2019 Score - 658

State - Uttar Pradesh

Hardik Raj

NEET 2019 Score - 653

State - Delhi

Nitin Kumar Pandey

NEET 2019 Score - 650

State - Delhi

Vaibhav Solanki

NEET 2019 Score - 620

State - Rajasthan

Pooja Kulhade

NEET 2019 Score - 619

State - Madhya Pradesh

Mahrishi Bhatia

NEET 2019 Score - 617

State - Telangana

Sidhanta Sahoo

NEET 2019 Score - 617

State - Odisha

Manya Gupta

NEET 2019 Score - 612

State - Delhi


NEET 2019 Score - 609

State - Delhi

Tanishk Taneja

NEET 2019 Score - 608

State - Uttar Pradesh

Srishti Singh

NEET 2019 Score - 608

State - Uttar Pradesh

Prateek Sindhi

NEET 2019 Score - 603

State - Rajasthan

Ritik Dixit

NEET 2019 Score - 602

State - Uttar Pradesh

Manan Doshi

NEET 2019 Score - 599

State - Gujarat

Umang Walia

NEET 2019 Score - 598

State - Delhi

Atul Kumar Vaibhav

NEET 2019 Score - 584

State - Bihar

Ankit Siddhant

NEET 2019 Score - 582

State - Assam

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